The DocHollywood Project will provide a standardized curriculum with educational content and examinations which will be free and accessible to anybody over the internet. Therefore, teachers, students, school administrators, and all other interested persons can learn this material and become medically literate.


The DocHollywood Project is established to act as a catalyst of change to make Americans Medically Literate.


The DocHollywood Project is "A Nation-Wide Effort to Integrate Medicine" as a standard discipline in secondary schools and colleges.


The aim is that the Science of Medicine will have the same stature as Math, History, Physics, etc. and questions relating to this knowledge base will be included on Standardized Examinations.


The Science of Medicine has only become a true discipline with in the last 60 years as opposed to other subjects taught in schools such as physics, chemistry, biology, etc. There is currently a scatter of medical programs funded by government agencies, foundations, profit and non-profit organizations including the CDC, Health Departments, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, etc.

Newspaper stories, messages on TV, brochures, workshops serve as the current medical educational vehicles to reach the public. On a national level these efforts seem somewhat random. The DocHollywood Project is an attempt to build a Highway so that these random efforts can be accessible in a required curriculum in the current school system. Most Americans do not know the warning signs of a stroke, symptoms of appendicitis and meningitis, the causes of high blood pressure or diabetes, how to determine whether they are taking a dangerous combination of medications, etc. This results in 100,000s of people suffering or dying each year. The DocHollywood Project is established to have a long-term effect on preventing unnecessary morbidity and mortality.

The DocHollywood Project will promote a PR campaign to make students aware of the website so that they can form clubs. Members of these clubs can learn this material and pass certifying exams, while actively educating others in their communities. Also, they will advocate for this curriculum to be incorporated into the current educational system. The DocHollywood Project will also promote its curriculum directly to science teachers, lobby for school boards to embrace this curriculum, and for governments to provide funds for this effort. Government agencies and heath organizations will be encouraged to contribute to the content of this curriculum. Ancillary activities will be developed to support the learning of this material including health bowls, summer camps, national conferences, etc.

NOTE: The entire book, "Let's Play Doctor" is available online, as well as, online quiz for each chapter. Please click on the appropriate link located within the menu at the top of the page.

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